Language quality. An added value for your brand voice.

Translation is far from an exact science. Human translators add to and subtract from source content in their effort to get the message across. Machine translation still provides output that is rife with syntactical and grammatical errors, and it continually fails to detect tone and style. Language Quality Assurance (LQA) is the process whereby translated content is fine-tuned to suit your brand message.

Our LQA practice goes beyond spotting spelling and grammar errors. We check translated content for tone, style, branding coherence, terminology, standardization and clarity. We assess the quality of your content, marking and categorizing issues, spotting syntax and grammar errors, as well as literal translations.

We make sure your content adheres to your LQA toolkit, that is, your corporate glossaries and style guides. If you don’t have an LQA toolkit, we help you develop a suitable one based on your needs, goals and target audiences.

At Transledia, we get your brand content on track to talk to your global customers and partners.

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