Businesses today struggle to communicate with customers and partners in their own language. At Transledia, we take the pain out of translation and ensure you never have to worry about losing business due to language issues.

What began as a team of translators that served the IT space for a few years became a full-fledged language services provider, Transledia. Today we are a team of language experts who understand our customers' language needs.

We come to work every day with one thing in mind: ensuring the customer's message gets across to its intended audience, regardless of the medium. We provide value.

Our Experience

Since 1994, we at Transledia have helped people and organizations to find the most efficient way to globalize, communicate and disseminate their ideas and contents, and to profit from such communications.

At Transledia, we have joined our technical and language skills, and shared worldviews and areas of expertise, to build a strong in-house team that caters to the language needs of local and multinational customers.

Our customers hail from business verticals such as information technologies, telecom, global trade, shipping and logistics, publishing, insurance, finance, advertising, utilities and other related industries. We work for our customers and their customers.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Dedicated practice: In-house linguists and proofreaders that specialize in your industry. Knowing your business is our business.
  • Agility: Computer-aided translation (CAT), translation memory and automated LQA solutions help us to streamline the translation process, drive down costs and speed up delivery times. 
  • Consistency: Content that is in tune with your organization's voice. We unify and consolidate your business terminology into reusable glossaries and style guides that provide uniformity.
  • Communication: Your voice, on your own terms. We consult with you to refine and incorporate new terminology and styles in your content.
  • Security: Your information is a key asset; we make sure it's safe. We ensure confidentiality through NDAs and cloud backups.
  • Flexibility: Our team size adapts to your global communication projects, regardless of complexity.

Contact Transledia today. We’d love to help your business talk to the world.